By John Delavera

The One & ONLY  Unique & Authentic "Auto-Pilot Hands-free" Managed Business that is Offered Online Today for YOUR forthcoming success.

By the Turbo Inventor John Delavera,
Internet Marketing Legend.

If you have a list of buyers and work full time as an Internet Marketer, and you need a REAL hands-free business, this deal is for you.

If you have no clue how to generate a brand, then a list, then commissions, then sales, and eventually work as a full time marketer, this deal is for you too. 

My turbo team and I have created a network of businesses, all under the SENSEI brand.

The Infrastructure For Each SENSEI Business

  1. MANAGED NETWORK - Each SENSEI focuses on 1 topic. All SENSEI businesses cover Internet-Marketing oriented topics.
  3. MANAGED DELAVO LICENSE  FOR EACH SENSEI - There is no better way to centralize efforts other than using DELAVO.
  4. MANAGED WORDPRESS ACCOUNT  FOR EACH SENSEI - The right theme, plugins, the right everything... a blog secured as a fortress, updated manually and continually optimized.
  5. MANAGED JVZOO ACCOUNT FOR EACH SENSEI - Again, the target is the money. For that reason we manage YOUR JVZoo account so to control the results.
  6. MANAGED AWEBER ACCOUNT FOR EACH SENSEI BRAND* We manage YOUR Aweber account so to control the results. *Prerequisite: If you have not yet created an Aweber account do so today.
  7. MANAGED NEW FACEBOOK PAGE  FOR EACH SENSEI BRAND - with new posts added to each page almost daily - both manually and also automatically using special tools.
  10.  MANAGED INTERCONNECTIONS -  between Aweber, Facebook page and group.
  11.    AND MORE to be disclosed inside. 

The Lead Magnet

Where everything starts

 Each SENSEI offers a report or ebook as a lead magnet related to the topic. Working Examples follow.

By Better Life Sensei

By Web Traffic Sensei

By List Building Sensei

So where are you and what's in for you here?

It's simple.
You signup today.
You do nothing.
We manage everything.

Sign up today and you get a SENSEI site. My teams and I will set up everything for you. In return you reap the rewards in DUE TIME*: first subscribers, then commissions, then sales.

*This is not an "instant" success solution, because there is no instant success. We do the work, you get involved into it and you're commited to get STABLE results.

What kind of results did you ask?
The first target is to dominate the top 10 results at Google; exactly what has been done so far for the following Sensei sites:

The second target is to feed the sites with additional content that focus on specific keywords. We'll update this section shortly with the results. Because - as you already know - ONLY RESULTS COUNT.

This is an ongoing journey and the most beautiful benefit you get is that we do the work for you.


Access to the legend personally, via email, messenger, Skype, SMS...

FIVEFOLD Money Back Guarantee

Signup today and we'll work for and with you for 12 months.

1- If in those 12 months you won't get an even return.

2- If in those 12 months you won't get leads (subscribers, customers, affiliates) that can send you at least the money you spent.

3- If in those 12 months you won't get knowledge valued at least the money you spent.

4- If in those 12 months you won't meet partners to make more money with your projects in the future that will send you back at least the money you spent.

5- If after 12 months you don't feel a great desire to thank John Delavera from the bottom of your heart for the opportunity you get here today....

...then you will get your money back x 2.

You can't expect changes in your life if you keep doing the same things you've been doing for years.

Reboot your life NOW, today, the turbo way. This is how things get done in this market.

Let's connect and automate your future together.

It's time to start. 
You snooze you lose.
You know it.
Stop snoozing, stop losing.

You've already lost valuable time.
Stop that. Start a new life. 
You know you must start NOW, today, the turbo way.

AGAIN: WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This network can liberate you from your boss and worries in due time; if you can't commit for at least 12 months, do not order. You can't build Rome "instantly."
There will be 25 Sensei.
Become one of them.

The price is $297 per month plus $997 paid once for the setup of everything - or you can choose to pay $2,970  with no setup fee. No "OTOs." No upsells. 

What Mark Joyner says about John Delavera:

Instead of an "epilogue" I'd like you to read the highlighted part on the left. It's from book "The Magic Story" by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey.

As Frederick says, "Failure exists only in the grave."

For as long you are alive, you can indeed plan your success.

That's all about it.